2017 Competition application form

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Your project proposal should be 10 pages or less and cover the following points:

  • 1. Briefly, describe how your project originated. How did the idea come about, what needs were identified and why?
  • 2. Describe your project based on the category selected. (Context, innovative character, invested resources, difficulties met.)
  • 3. What have been the results and influence of this project? (Short and long term impact, measurable data, benefits.)
  • 4. Can your idea be applied in other parts of the world? (Please explain how and why.)
  • 5. Why do you feel your project should be selected among the finalists and presented at the 10th World Chambers Congress ?
  • 6. You may enclose a letter(s) of support which can attest to any measurable results and achievements of the project. The letters may be endorsed by a company, a chamber of commerce, an ICC national committee or a government agency.
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